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silpa was founded in 1986 to offer a range of environmental engineering services. In 1990 the company installed the Building Material Testing and the Geotechnical Laboratories both qualified by “Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti - Servizio Tecnico Centrale” of Italian Government.

silpa is in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for “Quality management systems”.


Building Materials Testing Laboratory

Test on concrete, steel, aggregates for concrete or asphaltic mix, asphaltic concrete properties and strength, non-destructive testing (ultrasound, bar-depth, half-cell potentials of uncoated reinforcing steel in concrete).



Geotechnical Laboratory

-   Laboratory tests on soil 

Particle-Size Analysis, Specific gravity, Water Content, Atterberg  Limits, Shear test, Permeability, Consolidation properties, Triaxial Compressive Strength, Proctor, CBR.

-   Laboratory tests on rock materials

Phisical tests, Point Load, Compressive Strenght, Uniaxial or Triaxial Compression, Direct Shear, Los Angeles.


-   Sampling and in situ testing

Enviromental Drilling and Geotechnical Drilling Equipment, Continuous core sampling, Shelby tube sampling, SPT, Cone Penetration Testing, Piezocone Penetrometer, Inclinometer installation, Piezometer installation, Pile load testing, Pile integrity, Bearing Plates.

Topographic services

silpa provides all types of topographic survey at various scales using the latest stations, real time GPS (RTK). We can monitor ground movements at a variety or accuracies using high precision digital levelling, GPS, and remote measurement methods (laser and intersection techniques).

 silpa provides topographical surveys, road surveys, railway surveys, airport surveys, subsidence monitoring. Our extensive experience in providing high precision, large (and small) scale projects within a wide range of environments ensures that our work is always of high quality and specifically tailored to our clients' needs.

 The Imaging Station (IS) combines the best of two worlds, advanced imaging and high-accuracy surveying, incorporating real-time field imagery with spatial data. The IS’s powerful functionality is controlled using an exclusive software that produces “photography with dimension”, a revolutionary and cost effective alternative to laser scanning.


 Fonometric measurements

 The assistance to our clients is complete, from fonometric measurements to final certification.

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